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How does votetrends work?


Links on votetrends are teal or blue; click on any teal to see you something new. You can browse through all public active polls, or search for polls by keyword or category from the search page.

You can always return to the welcome page, where you'll see a randomly selected poll, by clicking on the votetrends logo.

You can create polls with up to 10 response options. You decide if the poll is visible to the public. If you do not select the 'make public' box, the poll will be private and viewable only by the users you choose. You can add users to a private poll whitelist from the poll control panel.

Once someone votes on a poll you create, you can no longer edit the content of the poll. However, you can change whether it is 'active' or 'visible' at any time.

After you vote on a poll, you can access it through the 'my votes' page or through a search to keep tabs on its trends or update your vote. You can vote and re-vote on a poll as often as you’d like — for either the same option or a different option. If you change your mind frequently in a short amount of time, the data will reflect your most recent vote of that time frame. A person's vote is never double counted.

Time is calculated based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Time is calculated based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). There are a lot of useful features in the poll charts to help you view and dissect trends. Below are tips to improve your viewing experience when tracking your favorite polls.

  • Two charts are displayed for each poll, showing trends over time for all the different voting options. The first chart shows the total number of votes for all options over time, while the second chart shows the percentage distribution between all voting options over time.

  • You can zoom into a subset of the displayed dates by clicking and dragging the region you would like to view.

  • You can zoom as many times as you like.

  • You can go back to the default display by clicking "reset zoom."

  • You can toggle the display of a voting option on or off by clicking the series inside the legend below the chart. The vertical axis will automatically be resized and percentages recalculated.

  • To get the precise number attached to a data point, simply point your mouse over the point in the chart.

We can create custom votetrends surveys to help your organization obtain trend data. You can view a simple demo here. Email us for more information on how to start a votetrends survey for your organization.

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